Dear Members Greetings from Hyderabad. It is nice and we are seen inching toward normalcy. ASU is making strides in the path of bringing all of us together. The first thing which is happening is a physical conference at Bangalore 8-10 of July. Dr D Ramesh and Dr Girish and team are working hard to put in a great fare-both a live workshop and a scientific program. They are also creating a wonderful environment for us to meet and catch up on lost time due to Covid. We have also got an Indemnity policy which has significant benefits from the ASU stable. This will be beneficial to all of us in future. Taking it from the ASU banner will give us strength to be together and have better bargaining power in future. The menace of patient aggregators is looming large and will gobble us very soon. As an initial response ASU has given an advisory to all our members. This advisory has come from almost all the surgical associations in the country and from USI too. The sections have been clearly highlighted for the understanding of our members. The time is not far when the association has to regulate its own members before someone does it. The association will be proactive on the members who do not heed by the advisory. Once Again I request you all to strengthen the association and be united so as to be safe and enjoy the journey of urology

Waiting to meet you all at Bangalore.
President, ASU

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Message From Hon.Secretary

Dear ASU Colleagues, Warm Greetings to all.

It gives immense please to address you one more time as the Secretary of ASU. The Association has grown leaps and bounds ever since its beginning to till date. Today with around 1500 members we stand as the largest urological association in our country. What's more pleasing is the find of young talents in our group who are daring in the academic front and yet humble. I am thankful to my President and council for bringing up the ASU tie up for professional indemnity, council member activities and their encouragement and support. A " Blessing in disguise " although covid prevented us from meeting physically, it gave us a new dimension. We are now well versed in online meetings, operative workshops and all online academic activities. It has given us the confidence that we shall proceed with all regular activities of the association even in the most difficult situations. It seems likely that in the future online activity/ hybrid would stay for selective meetings. But it has been a long wait for us to meet physically. As the covid wave seems to show just that mercy on us we would hope to meet physically in Bengaluru. Best of luck to the organisers of 33rd annual conference of ASU and we assure you all an academic feast.

Yours in service of the Association,

Dr G Chengalvarayan

Secretary, Association of Southern Urologists